Beautiful Art Books…

Van Gogh The Complete Paintings By Taschen

This huge book features not only all of van Gogh’s paintings but they are presented in chronological order.

Rembrandt by D.M. Field

This book has the best color plates of Rembrandt’s work that I have seen.

Fairfield Porter by John Wilmerding et al

My favorite Fairfield Porter book. It features many color plates of portraits, landscapes, as well as still life works. I love the color palettes within each genre.
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Impressionism in Canada: A Journey of Rediscovery by A. K. Prakash

This is a massive book – a true homage to Canadian Impressionism. What struck me about this book is that Canadian Impressionism is so much more than the Group of Seven artists, in fact, ten of the fourteen artists featured, I had never heard of before!

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David Hockney: Drawing from Life

I bought this book as inspiration for a 100 day creative portrait challenge. It features over 250 portraits in different mediums and really helped me reach my goal.

Hockney’s Pictures The Definitive Retrospective by David Hockney

This is a great book featuring all that is Hockney: various media and subject matter. I particularly like the van Gogh-esque mark making in his landscapes.

Enigmas and Variations, Mary Fedden by Christopher Andreae

This book is wonderful! It shows a clever (and affectionate) juxtaposition of objects that you might never consider putting together in a traditional still life. The color palettes are unique and I plan to try many of them.

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Plant Discoveries, A Botanist’s Voyage Through Plant Exploration by Sandra Knapp  

I have always been captivated by botanical prints. This book has stunning color illustrations from the Natural History Museum, London. I plan to use my botanical painting studies as backgrounds in some of my portraits.

Fairfield Porter A Catalogue Raisonneé of the Paintings, Watercolors, and Pastels by Joan Ludman

This book offers about 50 pages of color prints and a comprehensive catalog of Porter’s works.