Beautiful Inspirational Books…

Dreaming in Color by Kaffee Fassett

I am a Kaffee Fassett aficionada! I have met him twice and have bought most of his books. This one details his life and extraordinary work.

My Heart Wanders by Pia Jane Bijkerk

This books features wonderful photography with a limited color palette. I love the author’s notion of what a beautiful home looks like. I want to redecorate!

Moroccan Interiors by Lisa Lovatt-Smith

I have visited Morocco and this Taschen book is the closest to my memories of the sumptuous colors and geometric patterns I saw there.

Twyla Tharp The Creative Habit

Twyla Tharp is a choreographer, dancer, and author. Check out her work on Wikipedia! Her advice is invaluable – “in order to be creative, you have to prepare to be creative.”

Greenlights Written and performed by Matthew McConaughey

I listened to this audiobook while driving and I really liked it. Matthew McConaughey has had a “big” life and it was very interesting to learn about his journey and lessons learned. At the end of the book I was really inspired to get many more “greenlights” in my own life.

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

This book got me back into the studio and going full tilt on my creative challenges.

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