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© Lydia Hudgens

You are not beautiful because I looked at your body, but because I looked into your eyes and I saw what was in your heart. – Anonymous

Several years ago I worked in a health care office. The receptionist was an older woman who had been employed by the group for over twenty years and nearing retirement. Life had dealt her some tough cards and although she performed her administrative tasks well, she had a sour disposition that seemed to infect the entire work environment and everyone who came into contact with her.

One day, a young, new hire named Rob arrived and although she introduced herself to him as Phyllis, he always addressed her as Beautiful. Over the next several weeks, we noticed that whenever Rob appeared, her eyes sparkled and she could not hold back a smile. She was reclaiming the beautiful woman that she had been all along – she just needed a nudge to push her true self out into the open again.

In time, Phyllis sported a new hairdo, applied a little make-up, and even spruced up her wardrobe. Her new-found happiness with her body image spilled over to her relationships with co-workers and clients. Life was good again.

Rob saw the beauty in Phyllis that we did not, but how hard would it have been for us to do the same? Is there someone in your life you can help in a similar way? It is never to late to make a difference.

Model – Lauren DiMarco