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© Joan Currie


dare to do people

(& not
the other way

round)because it

‘s A

e. e. cummings

Spring is upon us! Dare to do one new activity a week for the whole year starting today and see how your life will be transformed!

One lovely spring day in my childhood, I dared to give my mother the most extravagant bouquet she had ever beheld. I had a delightful time gathering daffodils and tulips from all the neighbors’ gardens in our area and beyond. So immense was the offering that I struggled to carry the jumble of flowers home without damaging any of the delicate petals. I was quivering with excitement when I extended it to her.

Regrettably, my mother’s reaction was not what I had imagined when she learned from whence the flowers had come. (My life was indeed transformed for many weeks thereafter!)