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© Lauren DiMarco on Oakland Bay Bridge near the Island

Within the portion of San Francisco Bay lying inside the city limits are the natural islands of Alcatraz and Yerba Buena and man-made Treasure Island, created for a world’s fair in 1939 and later turned into a naval base (1941–93). – Encyclopedia Britannica

1.  Best location to view San Francisco’s nightscape and holiday fireworks!
2.  Spectacular views of San Francisco Bay, especially during Fleet Week in October.
3.  Easy access to the city of San Francisco via the Oakland Bay Bridge (no toll required).
4.  Former military barracks have been converted to affordable rental housing.
5.  Event facilities are available for corporate and private events (such as weddings, concerts).
6.  It is home to a feral cat community.
7.  Sea lions frequent the waters nearby.
8.  Halibut, stripers, rockfish, and shark have been caught from along its western shore.
9.  Clipper Cove is home to the Treasure Island Yacht Club.
10. Great spot to view the construction of the eastern span of the Oakland Bay Bridge.

Joan Currie

Model – Lauren DiMarco