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Walking in the woods…

“Before you can have a roaring fire, you’ve got to gather a good supply of wood.” Pierre-Auguste Renoir

I love this time of year! At the first snowfall, I start preparing to stay warm and cozy inside my house but also to make the most of the splendorous winter wonderland that awaits me outdoors. Below is my list of what I love to do during my favorite season:

1. Get out all my wool toques, mittens, and scarves, the down jacket, and the snow boots with the big snow cuffs.

2. Put my flannel sheets, down comforter, and wool mattress topper on my bed,

3. Walk through the woods and try to spot a hare or Snowy owl. Listen for the bird calls of a Blue Jay, Cardinal or Bohemian waxwing.

4. At sunset, as the temperature is dropping the fastest and the wind has fallen, listen to the rare crinkling sound of the ice crystals forming on a pond or gentle stream.

5. Before dinner, light a fire in the hearth. The sounds of the damper cranking open, match striking, and wood crackling – magical. The woodsmoke settles briefly in my hair and transports me to seasons past.

6. Change the recipes from the cool meals of summer to the warm, comfort meals of winter; stews, soups, and hot meat pies.

7. Round up my Christmas baking supplies: cookie cutters, plum pudding molds, mince tart tins, and best of all, my mother and grandmothers’ special recipes and ingredients.

8. Listen to the muffled sounds of the city when the snow falls, delight in watching the snowflakes dance as they descend from on high and feel them touch my face, make a snow angel, and jump off a snowbank.

9. Get my skates sharpened, check my snowshoe strings, and find the wax for my cross-country skiis.

10. Cozy up in front of the fire after dinner with a warm blanket, hot chocolate or apple cider, and significant other… or a romantic novel.

In addition, check out the beautiful YouTube channel featuring many winter videos from Jonna Jinton in Sweden.

Photo by David Dodds