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© Joan Currie - MAC

Reason is the enemy of imagination.
A razão é inimiga da imaginação.
Oscar Niemeyer

When I visited my daughter in Brazil, she promised to show me the wonders of Rio de Janeiro. Although I adored that city, another city across Guanabara Bay, called Niterói, was even more enchanting. Oscar Niemeyer’s flying saucer-like Museu da Arte Comtemporânea (MAC) dominated the skyline. Its location overlooking the Bay toward Rio reminded me of the view of San Francisco from Sausalito. After examining several art exhibits, we strolled along the shore from the MAC to the bustling ferry building.

On the second floor balcony we feasted on Bob’s hamburgers and Guaraná sodas and watched the sunset. As darkness fell, the riot of Rio’s neon lights began to obliterate Sugarloaf and the other volcanic mountains, save for a patch of white light atop Corcovado mountain that illuminated the statue of Christ the Redeemer. The ferry ride back to Rio was magical, even for the locals. We crossed the Bay in silence enchanted by the beauty all around us.

© Joan Currie - Guanabara Bay