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© Lydia Hudgens

Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower.

Albert Camus

Autumn is my favorite season! Inspired by my glass pumpkin and the pumpkins in the fields and markets, I decided to inject some orange to my decor and wardrobe to spice things up for fall. First, I  planned to repaint my navajo white gallery wall with a rich earth tone. In the paint store I was drawn to color samples with lovely sounding names like Amontillado, Savannah, and Calliope, but finally settled on Chutney.

Being half Dutch, I had no choice but to wear orange at the World Cup Soccer events in San Francisco last June and July. In addition to the excitement of the games, the color orange made me feel energetic, invigorated, passionate, and sensual! Since then, I have chosen several accessories from the orange-red to orange-yellow and gold range to accent my wardrobe and have discovered that I have a penchant for that color!

Model: Lauren DiMarco