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Grow old along with me!
The best is yet to be…
Robert Browning

I love transforming a simple cake into something spectacular, worthy of a birthday. My favorite cake was one I created for my daughter’s third birthday. It was a white four-layer cake, frosted with a buttercream basketweave design, and dotted with pink sweetheart rosebuds. Candied flowers and swirling candles were the final touches. She was utterly delighted, and it remains the gold standard by which she has judged all her birthday cakes since.

You could let a birthday pass like any other day, and not bother with a cake; you could perhaps buy a cake; or, to really make an occasion of it, you could create a cake that is extraordinary, a work of art – embellished with all that represents the life of the recipient, whether it would be a loved one, or even yourself! After all, a birthday is only once a year, and despite protestations to the contrary, most people would love a cake that was created especially for them. Who knows what may befall us, and how many birthday cakes we have left to enjoy. Why not honor every year with a glorious cake?