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I never look back – life is too short. – My Mother

1.  The basic ballroom dance steps at a very young age so that I would always feel at home on the dance floor.
2.  Lyrics to practically every big band and show tune.
3.  How to throw a large party and be a great hostess.
4.  A glass half-full attitude that included not dwelling on the past and appreciating the here and now.
5.  How to sketch, draw, and compose photographs.
6.  The correct way to apply lipstick, eyeliner, and false eyelashes.
7.  How to bake, especially pies, bundt cakes, and butter tarts.
8.  A love of the written word – how to type, write copy, read a literary novel, and recite poetry.
9.  How to finesse a trick in bridge and win at gin rummy.
10. How to pack for a trip, including – take your own brand of teabags wherever you go to ensure that you will always have a good cup of tea.

Thanks, Mom! Happy Mother’s Day!