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© Joan Currie

After a nine month gestation period, here is what I have learned about blogging:

1.  The blog is your kingdom. You have complete control over its form and content. Unlike other areas of your life, you rule here in your realm. Long may you reign!
2.  The blogosphere is composed of some of the most generous, kind, and helpful people on the planet. Support, link, and connect with members of your blogging community as often as possible. Appreciate those who subscribe to your blog and comment on your posts.
3. Put forth original content.
4. Be bold, take risks, but above all, be authentic.
5. Publish, publish, publish.
6. Perfection is your enemy. Do not be afraid to make mistakes. You can always go back and correct them.
7. Nurture your blog. In the spirit of kaizen or continuous improvement, keep working to make your blog the best it can be.
8. Blogging is powerful. It can transform lives, save lives – even bring down governments. Use that power wisely for the good of mankind.
9. Resist the temptation to publish images and/or content for the sole purpose of increasing your statistics.
10. Have fun experimenting with this amazing medium. Enjoy and take pride in your creation!