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© Khrystyana Kazakova

I want to reach that condensation of sensations that constitutes a picture.
Henri Matisse

I was surprised how few of my favorite artists painted portraits of women wearing red dresses. Here are some beautiful ones I found:

1.  Lady in Red by Murat Kaboulov
2.  La Femme en Rouge by Giovanni Boldini
3.  The Lady in Red by Giovanni Boldini
4.  Madame Juillard in Red by Giovanni Boldini
5.  Mrs. Charles E. Inches (nee Louise Pomeroy) by John Singer Sargent
6.  Portrait of a Lady in Red by Sandro Botticelli
7.  Woman in Red by Jacqui Faye
8.  Portrait of a Woman in Red Dress by Anna Bilińska-Bohdanowicz
9.  Portrait of a Lady in Red by Jacopo Pontormo
10. Study of a Woman in Red by Jean-Jacques Henner
11. The Small Cowper Madonna by Raphael Sanzio
12. Helnwein Child by Raphael Sanzio
13. Portrait of a Woman in a Red Dress – Pierre Auguste Renoir

Model: Khrystyana Kazakova