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© Ukushu Khrystyna

Pierre-Auguste Renoir loved to paint women and girls engaged in everyday activities, especially reading. Below are beautiful paintings of women and girls reading:

1.  Woman Reading by Pierre-Auguste Renoir
2.  Reading Woman by Pierre-Auguste Renoir
3.  Two Young Girls Reading by Pierre-Auguste Renoir
4.  Young Woman Reading By A Window by Delphin Enjolras
5.  A Favorite Book by Delphin Enjolras
6.  A Woman Reading by Claude Monet
7. The Novel Reader by Vincent van Gogh
8.  Reading Lesson by Auguste Toulmouche
9.  Girl Reading or in the Orangery by Charles Perugini
10.  Girl reading by Franz Eybi
11. American Girl Reading by George Cochran Lambdin
12. A Young Woman Reading by Jean-Honore Fragonard
13. Woman Reading in a Landscape by Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot
14. Woman Reading by David Park
15. The Window Seat by Sir William Orpen
16. Grace Reading at Howth Bay by Sir William Orpen
17. The Treasured Volume by Harry Brooker
18. Compagnie by Escha Van den bogerd
19. Reading (The Artist’s Sister) by Berthe Morisot
20. Simplon Pass: Reading by Singer Sargent
21. The Little Convalescent by Eastman Johnson
22. Fire Opal by Laura Coombs Hills
23. Reading on the Rocks by John George Brown

Model: Ukushu Khrystyna