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© Khrystynana Kazakova

…the artist is he who can take a piece of flint and wring out of it drops of attar of roses.  – Walter Sickert

In celebration of the beautiful feminine form, here are my favorite reclining nude paintings – most of them by the Impressionists:

1.  Reclining Nude by Pierre-Auguste Renoir
2.  Reclining Nude by Richard Edward Miller
3.  Reclining Nude by Richard Edward Miller
4.  Reclining Nude by Isaac Israels
5.  Autumn by Frederick Carl Frieseke
6.  Large Reclining Nude (The Pink Nude) by Henri Matisse
7.  Reclining Nude by Jean Frédéric Bazille
8.  Olympia by Edouard Manet
9.  After the Bath or Reclining Nude by Edgar Degas
10. Reclining Nude by Edward Hopper
11. Reclining Nude by Douglas Hofmann
12. The Reclining Shepherdess by Berthe Morisot
13. Reclining Nude by Giovanni Boldini
14. Reclining Nude with Mirror by Delphin Enjolras
15. Reclining Nude by István Szőnyi
16. Reclining Woman Magenta Green and Orange by Beverly Brown
17. Reclining Nude by Amedeo Modigliani
18. Nude with Hands behind Head by Amedeo Modigliani
19. Nude by Salvador Dali
20. Mornington Crescent Nude by Walter Sickert