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© Joan Currie

The light, flowing out from under the edge of a parasol of bluish crystal, spilled up against the hand, and made every contour of the skin apparent, exaggerating the powerful knuckles and the veins engorged by the pressure of the arm.
The Hand by Colette

Unlike the protagonist in Colette’s short story, who is repulsed by her new husband’s hand, I find a man’s hand to be very appealing – especially when holding an early morning cup of coffee.

I am also fascinated by the hands of a man when he is chopping wood, hammering, building a fire, baiting a hook, tying a fly fishing lure, braiding dock lines, knotting a tie, putting on cufflinks, shaving, changing a tire, waxing a car, steering an outboard motor, flipping hamburgers on the grill, gripping a golf club, skipping stones, strumming a guitar, painting a fence, petting an animal, and taking my hand.